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Capturing special moments on film is so important to me. I started my film journey by creating short films in my High School's media arts program and once dreamed of being a movie director. I finally found my passion in wedding filmmaking and love it so much! I now make people's weddings into short films and its sick as hell!
When I'm not filming weddings, you can find me snuggling up with my cats and knitting sweaters (yes I have old lady hobbies). I love to rock climb, drink lots of coffee, walk around and take photos on my film camera, or thrift/antique. I am a fiend for all things vintage!

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so who the hell am I


I am a very easy going gal! I love to experience your wedding day as an active participant, but I also know when to allow moments to unfold on their own. Often times you can find me laughing my ass of while your friends say funny one-liners, or sobbing in the corner during your first look.

Experiencing your day as a friend is imperative to me, it's how I can authentically tell your story (plus it's just more fun that way ;))

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