The Experience

Being able to feel comfortable and secure in your choice to work with me is so important! A wedding filmmaker can make a huge impact on how your day feels and also the emotions that watching your film will bring. Please read more about my approach so we can be 100% sure we would work perf together. You deserve a filmmaker who you are STOKED to work with + vice versa.

Wedding films are an investment

Everyone is welcome here

It's invaluable to be able to relive all of these moments in the most true to life way: film. Being able to forever remember the speech your parents gave, to forever see video of your grandparents, or all of your closest people mingling: INVALUABLE. Film will take you back in ways that photography can't. Over time memories fade, investing in a film that will bring you back and also speak truth to who both are is one of the best things you can invest in. With all that being said my filmmaking is a very intense process. I take the time to do it right and give you a polished and intentional wedding film. If you are looking around for the most affordable option, that's unfortunately not me! Film isn't something everyone wants to invest in and that's okay, you deserve to hire a filmmaker that meets your budget needs as well. My passion is capturing people who understand the value of a film that was created with care + intention!

Love looks a million different ways, and every single couple deserves to have an intentional wedding film. I am an LGBTQIA+ ally and my business is an inclusive space for all humans. Love is love.

Comfort is key

Films that speak the truth

Comfort to me is imperative. If you and your partner aren't comfortable I can't capture you both authentically. Fostering a comfortable experience is even higher on my list than getting the "shot" because the "shot" cannot exist unless you both are comfortable. This comes in so many different forms! I never want this to feel like a business transaction. I genuinely want to be your friend! 

My filmmaking is a very natural and easy process. Posed and dishonest shots stick out like sore thumbs! My priority is to speak truth to your day and for me that means natural and candid. This means capturing all the moments that naturally arise, but also prompting you and your partner into actions you would naturally do (go walk over there, watch the sunset etc.) ! I will always choose an imperfect emotional moment over a perfectly composed shot. That's just how I roll!

It's all about you

My filmmaking process is not a one size fits all. Humans are all so intricate and unique. To push your love story into a box would be a disservice. I spend a good chunk of time before your wedding getting to know you both, this means following your life on the gram, meeting up for coffee, and really diving into all of your wants and needs before your day. This process is not about me, it's about you both! Every choice I make in every step of the process has my couples in mind.

i love weird shit

"Normal" is not my cup of tea. My entire life has consisted of thinking outside the box, and doing things my way, even when that didn't follow everyone's "rules" (this means I wore skirts over jeans growing up). My wedding films follow this sentiment, I create films that capture the fun, weird, honest, emotional parts of your day as they are

So, are we a match made in heaven?


fuck yeah, lets do it!

how it feels

Frequently Asked Questions

4-6 months for wedding films.

4k baby!

 I will send a vimeo link for your highlight video the moment it's done; this link will allow you to download the video and share! I will then send you a jumpdrive in the mail with the highlight film and any other films you purchased.

I do everything in my power to eliminate the risk of missing your wedding! Of course I can't control every circumstance so in the event I can't make your wedding I would give you notice ASAP and do my best to find someone to associate shoot it for me, & then I would handle the editing! (this is all outlined in my contract as well)

1/3 to secure the date
1/3 half way through and
1/3 the month before.

The deposit is non refundable and compensates me for turning people down. To book a new date a new deposit would have to be put down.

No, my prices are firm.

They will be included in the packages I send ya!

I don't! I believe that digital and super 8 balance each-other super well. Iv'e found adding a roll of super 8 into my couples films to be the perfect process. It gives you that fun, vintage, nostalgic feeling  and digital gives you film that is high quality, has sound, and will age slower. Film is the shit, but it also does have drawbacks, especially in the video film world. Super 8 is lower quality and doesn't have sound, these also are the reasons its so attractive, its simple and raw. But I do believe  its important to have video where you can hear your grandmother talk, or can clearly see all your guest laughing (etc.)  There are also videographers that specialize in super 8 only, i would love to refer you to some of my friends who are the super 8 Pros!

 I unfortunately can't use your favorite pop song as the licenses are quite pricey, but I have a great licensing site that has all the music I could ever need! I choose your music based on what genres you tell me you love, what music you play at your wedding, and also overall mood. A wedding film can have an array of music choices because your wedding day is very intricate and has a lot of emotions! If you aren't happy with the music I choose, I'm more than happy to find tracks that represent you both better!

Wedding videography is something I pour a lot of myself into. I pride myself on being able to tell each couple's stories authentically and fully. I have found in the past that being at your wedding day for less than 8 hours only gives me a snippet of the day, not the full picture. I truly believe that having me there all day produces the best product and gives me the time and space to tell it as best I can!

"When we were looking for wedding videographers, I had a really hard time selling my husband on it. He was skeptical of having yet another camera on him during a pretty busy and high-pressure day. Emily broke ALL expectations though when it came to this. She took away all the pressure of feeling like you're on camera and it was better than we could have ever had hoped for. My husband felt calm, cool and collected. Getting our video back was the most incredible feeling ever. You definitely remember huge chunks of your wedding day but nothing can ever replace a wedding video. Seeing ALL of your friends and family in different corners of a venue or enjoying themselves chatting with others, you just don't get to witness all of that on your wedding day. It's so special too to have the speeches being given by those you love the most in this world all recorded for you to rewatch over and over again. I think that I would not only recommend getting a wedding video done but I would absolutely REQUIRE you to hire Emily to capture it for you. I'm a Creative Director by day so I work with alot of video editors, motion designers and directors of photography. I can confidently say Emily has a gift. She has a cinema-like aesthetic that truly elevates any video footage being recorded. Even watching our video it feels like a well directed movie. That is not easy to do! I can tell you right now. At the end of the day, we're so grateful we found Emily. And I hope that whoever is reading this, you do the same, and work with her to create something you'll cherish for the rest of your life. " - Brittany